The Strategic Growth Accelerator

Create Your Map to Business Success in a Group Setting

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Do you dream of building your business to heights you only imagine are possible… but lack a clear plan of HOW to do that?


You aren’t alone! Many entrepreneurs struggle with overwhelm and frustration trying to figure out what will actually move the needle in their business growth!


That’s why having a clear plan and a supportive community around you are invaluable to your growth!


The Strategic Growth Accelerator is a group program that provides you with a quarterly action plan towards business growth. Using the Strategic Mapping™ framework, we will conduct quarterly planning sessions as a group. These sessions will help you figure out what goals and dreams to focus on first. Make quick, actionable progress by reverse engineering your success.


Get clear on your vision surrounded by other inspiring, dedicated entrepreneurs who will cheer you on as you pursue your dreams!

What Is The Strategic Growth Accelerator?

Every quarter, we will create a plan for growth that will propel you towards action throughout those 90 days.


As a group, we will dissect the most important objectives in your business and create clear, concise, actionable goals that will allow you to show up to each day with intention!


At the end of our planning session, you will have a daily checklist of tasks that all move you towards the goals you set for that quarter!


We will follow the Strategic Mapping™ framework as a group. This framework allows us to really discover what should be prioritized in your business so that you can grow and scale with a purpose!

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We will focus on the 7 strategic objectives every business needs:

Financial Stability
Product Creation & Refinement
Operational Efficiencies
Team Growth
Customer or Client Experience
Personal Growth & Professional Development

We will set goals for each objective that can realistically be accomplished in 90 days. I will show you exactly how to break each goal into actionable steps!


As a group, you will be able to get feedback and insight from other entrepreneurs, making for a truly value-packed experience!


Ready to take incredible action in your business? Let’s get started!

How Does The Strategic Growth Accelerator Work?

First, you schedule a consultation with me so I can get to know your business. After hearing more about your business goals, I will send you the link to the waitlist/deposit.


Every quarter, we will meet as a group to conduct a live planning session. Throughout the session, you will get a chance to ask questions, receive my feedback, and hear what others are choosing to focus on!


The sessions tend to be collaborative, with us all cheering each other on in our pursuit of success!


At the end of each quarterly session, you will have a checklist of action items that you can implement immediately.


Clarity. Focus. Peace.


All in a supportive group setting! Get ready for the most transformative 90 days in your business!

What Others Say

I’ve heard from so many clients who say that the Strategic Growth Accelerator sessions make the most impact on their business, hands down!


Why? Because when you have a map to success and take baby steps to get there, it removes any overwhelm, keeps you focused, and allows you to know precisely where to devote your time and energy.


Instead of bouncing between ideas, you can easily identify what to work on every day to move forward towards growth. Experiencing this surrounded by a community all striving towards the same end goal is incredible!

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I was continuously struggling to find time to work on my business while managing a fulltime job and family.  Kristen helped me figure out where to find time to fit in pieces that will help me build my business and move it forward.  Kristen is a great listener and encourager and helped me to see that I can shift things around when they do not work for me any longer.  I don’t have to keep doing things the same way.  Finding time to fit in the most important things can be tough, but Kristen helped me to plug in the non-negotiables so I could add in the items that need to get done as well.

Joy L. Vincent
Health Coach

Are you ready to get started on the road towards streamlined action-taking?


If so, then schedule a free consultation with me so I can learn more about your business.


If you’re unsure if a group setting is right for you, I also offer 1-1 support in my Strategic Growth Intensive.


You can learn more about that option here.