The Strategic Growth Exclusive

Premium Support Dedicated to Your Business Success

Kristen Westcott

You’re an entrepreneur who knows where you are going. You might even have a path to get there!


But, knowing how to execute that plan might feel a little overwhelming to you. You might be wondering how to accomplish some of the tasks on your to-do list.


Or, maybe you want someone to walk alongside you to make the execution happen seamlessly!


The Strategic Growth Exclusive is my premium solution that will allow you to focus intensely on YOUR business, allowing for massive growth by taking quick, deliberate actions to move your business forward! The end result is clarity surrounding the most demanding parts of your business!

What Is The Strategic Growth Exclusive?

These focused, full-day, 1-1 sessions allow you to get individualized attention from me as we dive into your business. We will identify the most important goals for our day together, then show up to our session with everything we need to take quick action!


Prior to our session, we will decide together where to focus our efforts. Not sure where to start? I can help!

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I can help you…

Establish your business goals and objectives
Capture your business’ mission, vision, and values to lay a foundation for everything you do
Create a system for measuring and analyzing your business’ metrics, including setting up a dashboard for easy reference
Determine hiring needs and create job descriptions for each team member
Develop standard operating procedures to create documented, repeatable checklists anyone can use within your business

Sound like a dream day to you? Same here!! I can’t wait to get started!

How Does The Strategic Growth Exclusive Work?

The first step is to schedule a free consultation. I want to hear from you about where you are stuck or feel you need the most help. From there, I can advise you on where we should focus our time and efforts during our exclusive day together!


During our Strategic Growth Exclusive day together, I roll out the red carpet for you! The day is dedicated entirely to your business, goals, and dreams!


We will systematically go through our identified action items, one by one, breaking everything down. Be prepared to take quick action as we work through your goals.


By the end of our exclusive day together, you will feel so much more peace knowing that you’ve taken action to build your business the way you’ve always wanted!


You will walk away with items checked off your list and a clear path forward!


No more guessing! No more overwhelm! Only peace and clarity as you head into the most productive day you’ve ever experienced.

What Others Say

My clients who utilized the Strategic Growth Exclusive said the experience helped them take quick, productive action towards achieving their goals!


They could step back, see their business objectively, and focus on what truly matters to grow the way they envisioned. After their exclusive day with me, they felt equipped to tackle their goals head-on!

Jen Ewing testimonial photo

I was completely overwhelmed with scheduling out a launch and all of the tasks involved with launching a program.  But after sitting down with Kristen to create a project plan I feel incredible! I have an organized, succinct, completely detailed project plan that I can easily follow with the comfort of knowing the schedule is on point and all of the tasks are scheduled and in front of me. I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders and I can get to work completing my checklists. Kristen has an easy-going personality and I love that she effortlessly guided me through launch planning - and I wasn't stressed! She has surpassed my expectations! The finished product is outstanding.

Jen Ewing
Health Coach, Jenerate Success

Are you ready to take quick, deliberate action to grow your business?


Then schedule a free consultation and let’s get to work!