The Strategic Growth Intensive

Get A Clear, Customized Roadmap to Success in Your Business

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Like most entrepreneurs, your business dreams are sky-high! You want to do so many things and know that your business can be successful!


Perhaps you’ve hit 6-figures! You thought this was where it got easier, right? Not always!


Many entrepreneurs are still wearing “all the hats” in their business. Juggling all the balls, until they come crashing down!


The Strategic Growth Intensive will help you break your big goals and dreams down into smaller, actionable steps. This allows you to make progress more quickly and see the results in your growth you’ve wanted all along!


You will get clear on your vision, understand where you are going, and focus on the tasks that actually move your business forward instead of being stuck in an endless cycle of frustration!

What Is The Strategic Growth Intensive?

These focused, 1-1 sessions will allow us to truly dive into your business. Together, we will create a 90-day plan for growth. By the end, you will have clear tasks to focus on that will lead you directly to success!

We will follow the Strategic Mapping™ framework throughout our session. This framework allows us to dissect your business and discover what should be prioritized to allow for growth and scalability!

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We will focus on the 7 strategic objectives every business needs:

Financial Stability
Product Creation & Refinement
Operational Efficiencies
Team Growth
Customer or Client Experience
Personal Growth & Professional Development

We will plan out goals for each objective, then break those goals down into simple action steps to create a baby-step roadmap to reaching those goals easily without any overwhelm!


It’s a truly transformative experience and I can’t wait to get started!

How Does The Strategic Growth Intensive Work?

First, you schedule your consultation with me so I can get to know your business. I will advise on the package that best suits your needs, then we get to work!


On the day of our Strategic Growth Intensive, we will begin by casting a vision for the growth of your business.


By the end, you will receive a detailed, easy-to-follow plan that you can begin implementing right away in your business!


No more guessing! No more overwhelm! Only peace and clarity as you head into the most productive 90 days you’ve ever experienced!

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What Others Say

My clients who utilized The Strategic Growth Intensive said the experience helped them take quick, productive action towards achieving their goals!


They could step back, see their business objectively, and focus on what truly matters to grow the way they envisioned. After their exclusive day with me, they felt equipped to tackle their goals head-on!

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I just had the most amazing, magical planning session with Kristen today. For 2 hours I talked to her about my dreams and how I was thinking of accomplishing them and what needed to be done, and her magic fingers just wrote down everything and when we finished she sent me this plan with baby steps day-by-day of what I had to do for the next 90 days. She’s really amazing, she gets what I do.  I was talking about a dream and she made it into a plan. I was really blown away.

Rox Donikan
CEO of Identity Libros

If you need a clear plan to move forward in your business growth, I would love to speak with you to see if we are a good fit to work together!


The first step is booking your free consultation