Did 2020 turn out exactly how you planned?

We need to take the đź’© "crap" đź’© hand you were dealt this year and figure out how you can move with confidence, more direction, and a better handle on where to put your time.

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We’re all reeling from a year that was...

Not exactly what we expected... AT BEST!


At worst, your personal life threw up all over your business...

Your strategic vision went dark...

You might even be beginning to think that you just can’t recover...

Are you about to call this year a wash and absorb all the lost revenue and time?


If you’re going all Scarlett O’Hara...“I won’t worry about it today. I’ll work about it tomorrow. Tomorrow is another day...”

It’s true. A new day will come.


But the key question here is: Are you ready?

What if you had a clear vision and path to take your business to the next level...right now?


Stop wallowing in the losses and start now from solid ground.


And … what if you had proven systems and solid support to help you go from frustrated to worry-free?

...so you have the confidence to know you can weather ANY storm?

The fact is before this year went to pot, you probably weren’t set up to succeed in the way you wanted to anyway...

You've buried yourself in 60+ hour weeks, leaving little time to do anything other than managing your client load and the mess of files, post-it reminders, and to-do lists.
You’re lacking systems and organization - spending half the day sending out emails, appointment reminders, proposals, and invoices.
And, you can't remember the last time you posted on your social accounts, let alone had the time to build out a strategic marketing plan to keep growing.

You’re overwhelmed and feeling frustrated because you so badly just need a break.

It’s ok, I’ve got you.

Remember, you've already done the hardest part. Your business WILL recover...if you take the time to get your house in order RIGHT NOW.

You know what you’re doing - so now let’s talk about how you can keep business flowing in without draining you of all you’ve got.

I’m here to support you by introducing you to time-saving (and migraine-saving) systems and processes to tighten up the backend of your business so it runs without you even lifting a finger.

Now listen, here’s one of those little known facts about business -- when you systemize your business - everything changes. I don’t know how my business would’ve survived this ongoing pandemic without these very same processes and workflows. I’m not just telling you what you “should do” - I live what I teach.

As a busy, working mom of two - I would’ve been waist deep in a bathtub full of rosé without them.


Think about how awesome it would be to get a little pop-up on your calendar with your next discovery call, and know that all you have to do is show up at the scheduled time.

The follow-up and appointment confirmation already went out.
You already have the form detailing what this new lead is looking for help with.
A proposal is drafted and waiting to be sent.

And you didn’t have to do ANY of it.

I want you to have that - you DESERVE to!


Picture this ...

Waking up and enjoying a morning cup of HOT, steaming coffee (without needing to reheat it every 30 minutes) -  because you have a system and team in place to make sure your clients are cared for and your business is running smoothly.

Sounds better than bouncing out of bed and into your office chair, desperately scrambling to figure out what you have to do (and what you forgot), right?

I remember the first time I woke up after getting my systems straight. I swear even the birds knew how glorious the morning was! Having these systems in place was the single most important thing I ever did for my business. It saved me loads of stress, and instead - it gave me success without the ultimate sacrifice of time.

But, if you’re sitting here thinking that can’t be possible for you - because you definitely don’t have the time to figure it out OR get it done - let me help.

I want to show you the way, and be the CRITICAL SUPPORT you so desperately need in your business right now


Strategic Growth Exclusive Your Strategy & Systems VIP Experience

A Done-With-You VIP Day Dedicated to Streamlining Your Business Systems and Strengthening The Biggest Weak Spots So You Can Finally Free Up Your Time and Scale With Ease.

You’ve been thinking it will take months to make any real progress in your business…

But when you partner WITH  a no-fluff all-action business growth strategist and systems expert who actually CARES about you and your business, you will be amazed at what you can accomplish in just a day.

Yes, One. Single. Day.

Think about how awesome it would be to sit down with me and in a pre-planned, pre-prepped VIP Day and have…

A strategy and a mapped out plan of action for growth in your business so you can stay focused on taking the most productive steps to continue growing month after month.
A seamless and automated client onboarding process and in place so you can free up hours every week in back and forth communication and leg work.
A micro offer funnel mapped out with a plan of action on how to get it set up and converting.
Or even finally get those foundational systems set up, the ones you know will save you time, but you just don’t have the time to figure them out (I’m talking about Honeybook, ClickUp and your cloud storage). Let’s tackle that growing list of systems to do’s that you have been avoiding.

All of that is completely possible and easily doable when you have the right partner.

And the best part?

You'll get to sit alongside me throughout the whole day so you can be a part of every step, plan, strategy, and setup going on in your business


Think about the biggest thing holding you back right now.

Is it all the manual work you have to put in to onboard and manage your clients? Are you just unclear about the steps you need to make to get to the next level of your business?

Whatever it is, focus on it for a second - Then let it go.

How does that feel? Pretty great, right?

When you started your business, you could manage everything for yourself because you were still growing - but you’re past that now, and we both know you can’t fix things and continue growing on your own.

You want to be a part of the process, but you don’t want to have to do it by yourself.

And you shouldn’t have to do it all alone, either!


What I discovered was that I didn’t need to be “EVERY” role in my business. There was no possible way that I could be all the moving parts, and if you think about it - what successful company do you know where the CEO is also the administrative assistant, the design team, the tech savvy person, the online business manager, and… well, all of it?

The short answer: NOT ONE.

Because in reality, it takes the right support to build a solid, profitable business.

Which is why I've combined my education and experience to create strategic packages that will help other online business owners, like you, avoid some of the issues that blindside us while getting to the payoff much quicker.

I’m here to give you the full VIP experience - a day laser-focused just for you and your business.

Together, with my unique skill set that combines corporate experience with the empathy of teaching, we will look at, plan out, and even tackle what you need to focus on to create a streamlined business.

And I break it down for you in a clear, understandable way.

This VIP Experience is a meticulously laid out and pre-planned day meant to get the most productivity out of our time together.

Yes, that means you will be coming along for the ride, and we will stay in close communication to make sure your goals are being met - with zero delays.

Don't worry though, we won't be going in blind. 2 weeks before the scheduled day, we will get together over the phone to discuss and plan out your most important needs and layout what I will need from you.

That way, we can hit the ground running when your date comes up.

What can we do together in a day?

I’m glad you asked! The VIP experience will have one of five goals

Goal: to get your next 90-days dialed in with a solid plan of



Strategic Mapping of the 7 Strategic Objectives

  1.  Financial Steadiness
  2.  Offer Creation/Refinement
  3.  Visibility
  4.  Operational Efficiencies
  5. Team Growth
  6. Customer/Client Experience
  7. Personal Growth/Professional Development

Prioritize objectives with how important they are to your unique business needs.

Break these objectives down by quarter to lay out a future plan of tackling and achieving your goals.

Plan out your next quarter's big projects based on the top 3 objectives that are important to you.

Take action and begin tackling the project plan/action plan for the #1 priority on your list.

Goal: To create an exceptional client experience for your


During this day we’ll move through 5 phases to create a phenomenal experience for your clients so they’re your biggest marketing asset:

  1. Assess + Intake – are they the best fit for your services.
  2. Onboard - contract, invoices, intake questionnaire, call time, pre-work.
  3. Magic – working together; communication, delight, etc.
  4. Feedback – happens as you work together – what checkpoints do you have in place to assess their progress and happiness with the offer.
  5. Offboard – what does it look like after working with you?

Goal: To help you realign your offers so you can grow your revenue, get known, and make an impact without

burning yourself out


We start by reviewing your MVV and what role it will take in how we set everything up so you can build an offer that aligns with your business vision.

Once we have that mapped out, the rest of the will go through 5 phases of:

  1. Foundations - set you vision for the business model you want to build and your goals for your signature system
  2. Focus - Narrow down all your offerings to a focus and specific outcome
  3. Align - make sure your signature offer aligns with your business foundations, your positioning and your revenue plan
  4. Develop - Map out your framework for your signature offer

Outline - Outline your assets and deliverables for your signature package

Half-Day Intensive only [$1500]

Goal: To figure out how a micro offer fits into your business model and outline the funnel so you can get started

bringing it to life

We will start diving into your micro offer funnel by reviewing your MVV and what role it will take in how we set everything up.

Once that is completed, the day will go through the 5 phases of planning and implementing your tiny offer funnel.

Phase 1: Goals

Phase 2: Offer

Phase 3: Order Bump

Phase 4: OTO

Phase 5:  Action Plan


A Done-For-You Systems Set Up Day

If you’re dreading your endless to-do list to get your foundational systems up and running smoothly, in platforms like Asana or ClickUp, Google Drive, Dropbox, Slack, Dubsado or Honeybook (and more) -- this systemized day is all you need to get everything in check and organized in less than 8 hours - and it will leave you feeling lighter and more on top of your business than ever before

And you can even get follow up support to help hold you accountable and make sure things are running smoothly…

Caption Set #1

The 3 Month Follow Up Plan ($3,000): Upgrade your VIP experience with expert support for 3 months following your VIP experience.

We will get together each month to check on how things are running, if you are making progress on the action steps we mapped out, and if anything needs to be refined.

I’ll be holding you accountable for your goals to make sure you see the results we set out to create.
You’ll also get exclusive Slack support to reach out and get answers to any questions, issues, or challenges that pop up.

I was continuously struggling to find time to work on my business while managing a fulltime job and family. 

Kristen helped me figure out where to find time to fit in pieces that will help me build my business and move it forward.  Kristen is a great listener and encourager and helped me to see that I can shift things around when they do not work for me any longer. 

I don’t have to keep doing things the same way.  Finding time to fit in the most important things can be tough, but Kristen helped me to plug in the non-negotiables so I could add in the items that need to get done as well.

Joy L. Vincent 

Health Coach

The Strategic Growth Exclusive Your Strategy & Systems VIP Experience

A Done-With-You VIP Day Dedicated to Streamlining Your Business Systems and Strengthening The Biggest Weak Spots So You Can Finally Free Up Your Time and Scale With Ease.

You can get started and transform your business in a single day.

Click the button below to schedule your call to see if you are a fit for one of the VIP experience options.

Only 4 spots open up each month, and spots are booking out fast, so don’t wait to schedule your call.

How does it work?

With this package, you have my full attention for one working day. We’ll decide what exactly we’re going to work on and get the material I need prepared beforehand so we can get straight to work the day of.

I’m a systems gal so you gotta know that I run these VIP experiences like a well-oiled machine.

With pre-planning sessions and action plans - we won't be chit-chatting the day way. While I promise to make it fun and enjoyable for you, there is work to be done.  As long as you bring your A-game, mine is on the table and ready to give you the solutions, results, and actions steps you need to achieve your goals.

Continued growth and progress require a commitment to follow through, though - and if you stick to the plans and systems, we put in place your business and life will be transformed in ways you thought completely out of reach.

Here’s a peek at what the process looks like:

Step 1: Book Your Exclusive

Click the button below to choose your date
I’ll send you over a contract, invoice and intake questionnaire
Once those are completed you’ll book a Kick-off call

Step 2: 30 Min. Kick-off call

I’ll send a second questionnaire so I can gather more details about our day together
Two weeks before your scheduled day, we will get on the phone to plan out what your goals are for the VIP day and get everything nailed down so we can get started quickly when your VIP day comes up.